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You are actively seeking personal growth and change by learning how to improve your ability to manage your physical and emotional health.

Maybe you're interested in learning practical techniques such as how to meditate to manage stress, anxiety, and migraines; how to eat, move, and relax in ways best suited for their body-mind type; or how to use visualization to optimize athletic performance or performance in other areas.

Or, perhaps you're interested in using the information and practices in these courses to help you gain a more holistic perspective of you lives to help better address life challenges in general by gaining clarity on your current thought processes, habits, and behaviors, etc.

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Whether their intention for taking this course is specific or general, these courses will provide students perspective as well as practical approaches to help them better manage their lives

Perfect Health

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In this course, students will learn useful information, effective practices, and beneficial resources to help them create and maintain optimal physical and emotional health. These include how to enhance nutrition, manage emotional turbulence, create and integrate a self-care routine, and learn to leverage their “inner pharmacy” using the five senses.

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Introduction to Meditation

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In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of meditation, to include the history of meditation, the proven benefits of meditating regularly, and a range of meditation techniques. This course is appropriate for all levels, from those new to meditation to experienced meditators.

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