What Should I Expect When I Meditate?

While you are meditating, there are a number of experiences you can have, and none of them are wrong. Remember that the goal is not perfection; it is learning the discipline to accept every experience as it comes, no matter what the session brings, and sticking with it.

Distractions. When you meditate, you will likely experience any number of distractions which can break your concentration and take you out of your meditation. This is normal. If you consider each meditation session a series of cycles in which you will move between silence and thought, you will be more accepting of this natural rhythm and will more easily move back into silence when you are distracted. No matter what level meditator we are, at some point we will all find ourselves distracted. These distractions can be thoughts, sensations or sounds in the body, or emotions, which all signal the release of stress. Distractions in the external environment can be minimized to a degree, but we will never have total control over them. To get maximum benefits, it’s always best to be as alert as possible during your meditation. The goal of the meditator is not to stop distractions but to develop the discipline to stay detached from them when they arise. Actively resisting distractions won’t detach you from your thoughts; they will further engage you in them.

The Gap. Each thought has a beginning and an ending. Between each thought and the next is a small, silent space called “The Gap.” Meditation helps quiet our minds to the point where our thoughts become so sparse that the spaces between them get bigger and, eventually, we go beyond thought altogether. When in the Gap , you experience pure awareness and an expansion of consciousness.

Setting Expectations for Your Meditation Experience. Every meditation will be different and none are bad. It is very important to trust that each meditation session will bring exactly what you need on every level. Whatever happens in your meditation, simply allow it. Struggling against any experience engages your mind, which makes the meditation ineffective. Know how long you plan to meditate when you sit down, and stick with that time—no matter what experience you have.

Happy Meditating!


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